One year ago today the adult population of Britain voted to leave the European Union.

It was a decision that sent shockwaves across our society and fuelled one of the most extraordinary General Election’s in memory. 

Here in the RECLAIM office another political spark was lit when two young men - Sam and Elijah - came in to talk about the sense frustration that they hadn’t been able to be involved in the decision; and determination that it wouldn’t lead to further divisions across society.  

Whatever your view on Brexit, it was clear from voting patterns that the views, values and opinions of younger voters had been flattened under the weight of older votes. Working class communities were being scapegoated by the privileged; and political infighting was shattering hopes of a road forward.

With the remark that “something positive has to come out of this”, the boys meeting led to the founding of one of the most exciting initiatives hosted at RECLAIM so far.

Team Future, and the group of young activists now driving it, are a youth campaigning platform aiming to combat the systemic marginalisation of young voices: from politics; from the media; and from the debates that matter to their lives and futures.

In a year that has seen party politics put through the tumble dryer they have been a consistent voice for hope - campaigning for the voices of the voteless in the General Election and standing up for the leadership that young people need and deserve.

On the anniversary of their founding watch Sam (above) share his top 3 learnings so far.