Society’s message to young people, ‘be happy, what do you have to worry about?’, but frankly, its difficult for us working class young people to find happiness. When stigma and shame cloud our lives, we become a society creating young people who are ashamed of who they are and where they’re from.

Challenged because we come from a less wealthy background and told university is no longer an option as grants turn into loans. Evidence revealing that only the more fortunate rise into positions such as Prime Minister or CEO. Instead of using the talent we have, we are forced to accept we don’t have the financial means to get us where our talent deserves us to be. This needs to change.

Cheated by an education system used to test memory not ability. A curriculum made by people who don’t learn it, while those learning remain uninspired. Those less academically talented are forgotten, not motivated in a new direction. Instead of being pushed to become the individual we wish to be, we simply exist, as an exam number. This needs to change.

Disregarded by employers who say we lack experience, but where do we find this experience if no one will let us try? Many of us left feeling pressured to cope with family, college and financial difficulties, while young people’s mental health worsens and the places fit to help us close. Yet we are told to ‘be happy’ when no-one listens to our voices. We are not a ‘lost cause’, but this country simply does not allow us to be found. This needs to change.

Power is ‘the ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events’, but it seems being in power of our lives is flawed. In order to change this we need your backing. We need support in order to help young people and the future of the country. Because right now it seems we are powerless against the power. We will change this.