Signed, sealed, delivered: yesterday Theresa May triggered article 50, beginning the formal journey to our future outside the EU.

Whatever you think of Brexit, this is a cut and dry example of young people being locked out of decisions that will affect them longer and more profoundly than anyone. 72% of 18-25 year olds voted remain, and we know that had 16 year olds been given a vote the prospect of Brexit would be a distant memory.

Young people at RECLAIM have a huge range of political opinions. Brexit is a hot topic of debate, but everyone agrees that they wanted their voices to be heard. Check out the video RECLAIM young people made during the election debate to highlight this point.

This is not about apathy - despite what the media would have us think. At 65%, voter turnout for 18-24 year olds in the referendum was almost double the figure that was widely reported at the time. It’s about the systematic underestimation and exclusion of young, and particularly working class young voices, from the debates that matter.

Here in Manchester something is happening that could turn the tables.  

Team Future are a group of working class young people who came into the RECLAIM office in the wake of the referendum determined to break the cycle of exclusion.

Intent on creating something positive from what felt like a toxic process, they are now on a mission to organise other young people who, like them, lack the votes or other means to shape the crucial decisions affecting their communities.

Since their first meetings the group has tripled in size and secured high profile backing from Owen Jones, Andy Burnham and Ben and Jerry’s.

Watch: the day Owen Jones met Team Future.

Now RECLAIM is supporting Team Future to build an unstoppable movement - from recruiting and canvassing young people across Greater Manchester to getting skilled up in the art of campaigning and organising for change.

Know any passionate, working class young people who should be in Team Future? Make sure they get in touch at [email protected]. In the words of Shawnee, 16, “united our voices are stronger and we can make the change we want to see in society”