I don’t know where to start. My main questions are: why do it? What was the actual purpose? What was achieved?

Deaths, a discouraged community, fear. Fear to walk the streets of our own city? It’s honestly so sickening to know that someone would do such a sickening thing, and especially to target young people. It wouldn’t have been any better if it was aimed at adults, but we are the future and the next generation. We have already been let down by all our political leaders that never have the time to reach out and listen to young people. Now you see Theresa May coming to Manchester to pay her respects. It was thoughtful of her, yes, but if it wasn’t for this bomb attack she wouldn’t be here. Would she have visited us to talk to us if there had not been a tragedy? Would she have attempted to meet some of the young people that’s she’s ruling? To listen to their hopes and fears...?

I suggest it's time for us to think outside the box. Where are the inspiring and hopeful speeches to keep Manchester going? To keep all people together, in unity; because right now, due to this attack, we're turning on each other. Our fear is getting the best us -  since when was the world so cold?

This bombing attack has now shown us that life is very short, and that you never know what you know what’s around the corner.

I always hear people say ‘life is short’ but I never took it into consideration because I am still living mine, but now my view has changed. I realise I have to do anything and everything I want to because, sadly, when it’s our time to go there’s no coming back. It sounds bland but it's reality and at this young age I wish I didn’t think like this and have to see people suffer so much pain.

It also irritates me that the media is trying to say all Muslims are terrorists. I know several Muslims and they’re all good friends. 'Islam' and 'Terrorist' are two separate words; they do not relate in any way.

In my opinion I believe society is to blame for the corruption in the world and due to this, these are the horrific consequences we all have to face.

“The love for money is the root to all evil” this is one of the quotes I’m studying in R.E and if I’m being completely honest to some extent I agree with this quote. However, in addition to this, I believe our lack of humanity is also at fault.

Shaneil, 14