The staff and young people of RECLAIM are shocked and heartbroken following the attack in the MEN Arena on Monday. We have taken the last few days to gather together and create an open space to discuss people’s hopes and fears.

In a world that feels increasingly scary and hostile, particularly for young people, RECLAIM’s work is more urgent than ever. Young people must be able to navigate and understand the changing world around them; and we put our hope in them to become ethical leaders who can build a more hopeful future, for us all. 

‘We need to talk louder and love harder than before.’ Shaneil, 14

Following the attack in Manchester, we are working with young people to reclaim their city. This is the exact time to build on the energy, the optimism and the innovation of working class young people. Now more than ever, it is important for young people to be at the forefront of building a united country, and to offer them a platform to raise their voices against fear and hate.

‘I demand that we don’t lose hope, faith or the desire to make a change. We will rise again and we will fight back, not with negativity but fight back our way, the RECLAIM way. We will spread love, positivity and kindness to the heart of everyone of this great city.’ Jaiden, 15

We will continue to work closely with young people from across our city in the next few days and weeks to ensure they have the support they need, and that they feel confident and able to take their next steps in building a future based on hope – not fear.