A new study has revealed that pupils who attend just a handful of leading public schools in England are ‘94 times more likely to reach the highest positions of power and privilege in society’.

We are all familiar with the institutions, Eton, Harrow, Rugby; elite, southern hubs that feed into the establishment that leads us. Wealth provides direct pathways to these institutions, and these institutions provide direct, often guaranteed journeys to leadership.

Working class young people face the hypocrisy of our current leaders (so many of whom attended these elite schools) suggesting that simply ‘working hard’ is the solution to reaching ‘the top’. An idyllic vision, but in reality, is a state school facing cuts to resources really an equal start in life to a private institution that charges over £30k?  

If these institutions were accessible by just hard work, then RECLAIM know hundreds of young people who fit the bill.

Our alumni, who have completed RECLAIM’s challenging leadership programmes, are equipped with the skills, lived experience and resilience that we want from our leaders, and we urge more people to support them. Our young people are a shining example that leadership doesn’t only exist in the exclusive spheres society has created.

Remember our ‘Disruptive Leaders’ campaign; there are young people determined to make change within working class communities all over the country. We work with ambitious, ethical young people who want to make change for all people, who directly understand what it’s like to live in a society that favours the elite.

Are you in a position of power with an opportunity for a young person? Why not be part of widening an elite inner circle.

We ask that you look to emerging young leaders up North. There is power at the periphery, and society will only gain from the experience of working class young people, who RECLAIM are proud to call our alumni.

To support our working class leaders: