From my experience as a young person growing up in Greater Manchester, we make ourselves appear to be accepting, loving and caring of each other. For the most part this is true, but we still have so many ongoing issues.

We still judge each other by our skin colour, sexuality, gender, dress sense, ethnicity, class, how we behave…almost everything you can think of.

I know this for a fact because I’ve seen it so many times over the years. In this century especially where people have become even more accepting, there’s still a heavy presence, there still lies the issue of hatred and intolerance.

This needs to change, it’s not doing anybody any good. In fact, it’s damaging our society slowly as we speak, everyday, everything we’re working towards; peace, equality, human rights, fairness, justice…if we don’t do something about the intolerance in society today, our goals won’t move forward.

A change needs to happen soon, it needs to happen now. Not just for us, but for future generations to come, help us stop intolerance.

Shaz was part of RECLAIM's Great Manc campaign in 2016. Learn more about the campaign here.