Do you feel that young people today have a voice in society? And if they do - is it really listened to?

This summer - don’t get bored: get heard. Join Team Future today.

Being a teenager myself I’ve experienced the anticipation and the buildup of excitement during the runup to summer holidays. However, I have also experienced the moment when reality strikes and the realisation of having nothing meaningful to do for 6 weeks hits.

Luckily this year it’s a different story. If you’re 14-18, living in Greater Manchester, and hungry to change the world: we want you to join Team Future.

Team Future is a youth-led movement standing up for the voice of the ‘voiceless’: the young people that never had a say in their future; the working class young people passionate to RECLAIM their identity and unite for a bold, ethical and hopeful future.

Since Brexit we’ve been building a platform for young people to have their voices heard. We felt brexit showed a flaw in our democracy where young people were disenfranchised, ignored and powerless. This was the perfect opportunity to start building this platform. We went out to seek the opinions of 4000 young people on what they would like to see happen in politics and with their words we created our manifesto for the 2017 snap election.

This summer it’s time to take the movement up a level - and that’s where you come in.

We are planning a Team Future summer road-trip around all the boroughs in Greater Manchester, visiting as many youth clubs/organisations as possible in order to help bring hope and confidence to other young people who may be experiencing similar feelings. We also plan to use our Greater Manchester tour as a method of recruitment for Team Future.

Following on from this, on Tuesday 22nd August, we are holding our annual RECLAIM Walk For Change, where anyone can come and join us on a peaceful demonstration in Manchester city centre. Let’s come together to end once and for all the stereotypes that young people are not knowledgeable, are unpolitical and inactive in society. Make sure you’re there to help launch an unstoppable movement for change in our city and beyond!

In our society there is no doubt that the passion of our young people stands stronger than ever. With so many young people politically aware and confident in what they believe, the only thing stopping so many of us from playing a greater role in driving social change is the lack of spaces and opportunities to lead.

Team Future is that space - and we’re creating it for ourselves.

So come and RECLAIM your voice this summer by joining Team Future. Tweet us @TeamFuture2017 and sign up here to join us on our Team Future adventure.