Reign is a survivor-led project tackling child sexual exploitation (CSE). We’re not like other organisations: we offer first-hand knowledge on how CSE can happen and some of the mistakes professionals can make. We are a group of young women, who are wanting change and to end the silence around CSE.  

Reign provides workshops to professionals who come into contact with young people and to young people themselves. We want to make sure professionals have the right education and know how to work effectively, to provide the right support to young people within CSE situations. Also, we want young people to know what CSE is and how it can develop within a young person’s life. We feel there needs to be more support around CSE and through the workshops and elsewhere we feel that this can be achieved.

We are part of REIGN because, as survivors of CSE, we know how it feels to be let down by professionals and services, and know how fast CSE can happen within a young person’s life. Professionals need to understand how to approach young people on this subject and know how to spot the signs of CSE. Too many young people are still going through child sexual exploitation and we want to make sure they get the support that we didn’t.

Within our workshops we consider real life scenarios, showing how quickly CSE can happen and the number of different forms it can take. We look at the signs of CSE and explore ways to communicate with young people effectively. We discuss what support can make a difference, emphasizing that CSE doesn’t determine a person future.

Together we can and will change how people see CSE, and will put a stop to it.

Look out for our next blog tomorrow on the problems caused by stereotypes of CSE.

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