Team Future are set for an adventure across Greater Manchester visiting youth centres and town centres, sharing our passion for social change. We show the need for unity in our fight to ensure that the voices of working class young people are not only being heard but being prioritised as well.

Through this tour of Greater Manchester, we want to not only recruit as many people to our cause of building a bold, ethical and hopeful future, but also hear the thoughts on the changes that need to happen in our society.

To do this we will be delivering sessions that will develop critical thinking skills, highlight the value of collectivism and empower the young people in order to ensure that they are filled with the self belief and drive to make a difference in their communities and the wider society.

We believe in the power of young people. By organising and coming together we can build a strong platform which enables us to not only be heard but to lead change.

This all culminates in a grand Walk for Change, a peaceful demonstration in Manchester city centre. The Walk for Change provides a platform for we young people to challenge the stereotypes and inequalities within our society. Together we can launch an unstoppable movement for change in our city and beyond.  

We know that you’ll join us in our journey as we strive for a better future.

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