On Tuesday 22nd August 2017 hundreds of working class young people took to the streets of Manchester city centre on our annual Walk for Change. Lead by the Team Future youth collective, we walked to demand the voices of young working class people are put front and centre in the journey to a more equal and united society.

Held exactly three months after the Manchester Arena attack, participants held a minute’s silence in St.  Anne’s Square to remember all those whose voices were silenced in the tragic event.

But, throughout the walk, we were focused on hope for the future and leading empowering speeches and chants - WE’RE NORTHERN, WE’RE PROUD, WE SAY IT OUT LOUD!

“So I ask, why can’t multicultural working class youth have a chance?” Roukagia, 16.

Well, at Team Future we believe they should have a chance. That’s why we want to bring all working class young people together to create a platform and movement so big that we can no longer be ignored. This is just the start!

We deserve to be heard just as much as anyone else;  and demand to be listened to when it comes to decisions that will affect our lives greatly, whether it’s Brexit, education and exams or housing.

We have been locked out and ignored for far too long and no matter what it takes we will change this! We, the working class built this country up from its first foundations, it’s time for us to take our place in it as leaders and activists.

Join us on our journey to build what working class young people deserve: a voice, and platform and a fairer future! Sign up to Team Future here.