Wasan, aged 13, Manchester Youth cohort

People say we’re all born with equal rights.  They say we’re born with freedom, the right to be respected, democracy etc.  That’s what they say.  But is it true?  Because as we sit here sipping at our tea people in Syria are being tortured, raped, murdered, they’re fighting for nothing more than being allowed to vote.

Who are we as humans to deny each other equity?  Who are we to judge each other for being who are are, for being the colour we are or for being proud of the religion we were born into?  Day by day, more and more people are beginning to lose faith in humanity.  Day by day, we are all becoming more violent, merciless and cruel.  Where is that freedom we were all promised? 

As time goes by the definitions of words such as respect, democracy, equality are slowly fading from the world only to be replaced by racism, bigotry, sexism, and classism. 

Of course there are those good people in the world.  Those who’ll do whatever it takes to fight for people’s rights.  There always has been.  But look at what ended up happening to them, Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King all jailed. For what? Oh yeah, for wanting things that most of us take for granted; education, democracy, equity.  

Remind me why people have no choice but to fight for these things?  How could I forget? Because we are living in a world where the good is being killed off by the bad.