It’s the General Election, and across the country votes are being cast as to who should hold power over our future; which vision for society we can bank on to take us through uncertain times.

But there’s a gaping hole in our democracy that even you may have sidestepped on the way to the polling booth.

This election, as always, has seen children and teens talked about, but never to. As far as politicians and media are concerned, we are invisible until eligible to vote. In the last six weeks we’ve had sound-bites, U-Turns, political leaders failing to turn up to debates, but no genuine action to ensure young people's voices and interests are recognised.

Today Team Future is taking to the streets to demand an end to the black out. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with action.

Team Future is led by working class young people from communities on the frontline of many of the UK’s most pressing issues. On education, mental health, public services, we have valuable opinions and ideas, but we are considered irrelevant to the debate.

Instead of wasting time on lazy stereotypes it’s time for politicians to combat the systems that keep many young people alienated and excluded from politics, often long past their 18th birthday, and our interests sidelined.

Team Future is done waiting around for change: we are building a movement of young people who know their true power and will work together to fight for the more honest, representative and inclusive political system that our society needs. We are not interested in lip service – we want genuine respect and the spaces to develop as leaders, no matter what post code we’re from.