Precious (13) details how The Teen’s Speech was written. 

The Queen’s Speech is broadcasted every year on Christmas day, and it shows the Queen giving a summary and review of the past year. We watched a video from previous years and felt unhappy with the content. The first thing we noticed is how serious and fancy the video was. We also noticed that the Queen only talked about the positive points about the year and misses the harsh and negative thing that have happened.

So we, young people of RECLAIM, sat down and created The Teen’s Speech. It was written as an alternative and more realistic version of the Queen’s Speech. A speech that was honest and not misleading, but still praises the positive and the great accomplishments of this year.

Precious writing the Teen’s Speech

We put our heads together and cast ourselves back to the beginning of January. We thought of major events that were everywhere and smaller events that we believed needed a light shone on them. We started off with one simple sentences, and worked from there, we gave life to a bunch of words thrown together, the words which all now tell their own stories. Whether their story be on sensitive subjects that were overlooked by those in power. Or stories showing you that there is always a light, even when in a dark world.

We worked with spoken word artist Nathan Crossan-Smith, who helped us structure the speech

The Teen’s Speech wasn’t created to criticize the Queen or her Speech, but to improve it and add what we believed was missing. We wanted to open it up to the younger generation, to create something that would appeal to us. A way to link us to the real world, for us to see the truth in a form that would keep our attention. What we intend to do is to link the younger generation to the reality of the world, to show everyone what is going on outside what is reported on the news.

We wanted to RECLAIM the world - after all, it’s ours as much as the Queen’s.

When we watched the Teen’s Speech for the first time

Watch the 2014 Teen's Speech here: