3 things young people have learned since Brexit

On the anniversary of the Brexit vote Team Future activist Samuel, 17, reveals vital lessons from the yearRead more

Standing in Solidarity: Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower - The working class must continue to come together in solidarity until those who lead us do the same; we know our young people will.Read more

Youth voter turnout: time to respect our youngers and support them to lead

Young people are forging a powerful new role in British politics and we all stand to win.Read more

We are voteless but not voiceless: time for young people to take politics into our own hands

Team Future - Instead of wasting time on lazy stereotypes it’s time for politicians to combat the systems that keep many young people alienated and excluded from politics.Read more

Rafael - Why I chose to volunteer with RECLAIM

As part of Volunteers Week 2017, our volunteer Rafael Rodriguez has written a blog on what led him to travel all the way from Philadelphia volunteer with RECLAIM!Read more

Young people united are more powerful than we've been lead to believe

Team Future's Anja Jungmayr, 17, on the need for a youth politics revolutionRead more

Educating All: Is the tech industry class inclusive?

Educating All's Terry Manyeh on the benefits of diversity within the tech industry, he argues that It is time for companies to look outside the box. And outlines companies can aid social mobility.Read more

'Life is short, I know that now' - Shaneil, 14

RECLAIM's Shaniel from Moss Side shares her reflections about the Manchester terror attackRead more

Our Great Manchester Young People: A City United

‘I demand that we don’t lose hope, faith or the desire to make a change. We will rise again and we will fight back, not with negativity but fight back our way, the RECLAIM way. We will spread love, positivity and kindness to the heart of everyone of this great city.’Read more

Come along to Moss Side's first ever Food Festival

Join us in Alexandra Park between 12-4pm for Moss Side’s first ever Food Festival. This much anticipated event incorporates mouthwatering food with community spirit. RECLAIM's Rod Kippen, who has been with young women from Moss Side to develop the festival, tells you more.Read more

REIGN Blog: The Change We Want to See in the World

For our final blog of the series, we want to speak about the change we want to make around Child Sexual ExploitationRead more

Team Future's Snap Election Statement

In the wake of the snap General Election, Team Future calls for the bold, ethical and hopeful leadership that we need and deserve. We are a youth collective, campaigning for the rights of all young people. Led by northern working class young people, we are a voice for under 18’s who are locked out of political decision making.Read more

REIGN Blog: Laws around Child Sexual Exploitation

Paired with lenient sentences and shocking societal attitudes, is it any wonder that this complex crime is happening so easily under our noses with few repercussions for perpetrators but severe consequences for victims?Read more

REIGN Blog: How to Talk to a Survivor of Child Sexual Exploitation

When working with or caring for young people who have experienced Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), it can be difficult to know what questions to ask or approaches to take to help.Read more

REIGN Blog: White girls from broken homes and the negative impact of CSE stereotypes

It has been hard to shake the narrow image of what a victim of child sexual exploitation (CSE) looks like, or what kind of child is at riskRead more

REIGN Blog: Survivors Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation

Reign is a survivor-led project tackling child sexual exploitation. A powerful group of young women wanting change and to end the silence around CSERead more

RECLAIM's Immie: Journalism and The 'Class Ceiling'

Immie Rhodes, participant on RECLAIM's Power at the Periphery's Programme, explores the barriers that working class young people face when attempting to forge a career in journalism.Read more

RECLAIM's Aeve: We must invest in working class young people

Controversial education policies and school budget cuts mean that working class students may not be receiving the support they need. Aeve Ribbons highlights the importance of mentors for developing working class young leaders.Read more

Article 50 is signed, but Team Future are creating their own destiny

Signed, sealed, delivered: yesterday Theresa May triggered article 50, beginning the formal journey to our future outside the EU. Here in Manchester something is happening that could bring power to working class young people.Read more

Terry Manyeh, on working class students as "generation snowflake"

Terry Manyeh, co-author of the Educating All report into the barriers faced by working class students within higher education, responds to working class students being labeled as 'generation snowflake'.Read more

Cara, 14, 'I know the REAL Moss Side'.

Hi, my name's Cara, I'm 14 years old and I'm from RECLAIM's Moss Side Girls 2015 cohort. I want to tell you what Moss Side is really like, from someone who lives there and has lived there for most of their life.Read more