Regeneration: Who created Manchester's buzz?

Are we putting working class people over profit?Read more

Taesia (14): Our black board of Manchester excellence

Our Taesia Mack (14) shares her thoughts on the recent additions to Manchester's Global Ambassadors list, and the lack of black role models in society.Read more

Alex Baratta: Putting an accent on class, the need for accent protection

Lecturer in Language and Linguistics at Manchester University, Dr. Alex Baratta details the role of class and accents in Higher Education and wider societyRead more

Educating All: University can be a tough place for working class students to navigate, especially in the first year

Terry Manyeh: Working class individuals should be represented and provided with the opportunity to make decisions that will affect them, and this means access via higher education to the positions that make changeRead more

RECLAIM Alumni: There are leaders beyond the elite

Alumni Network Lead, Roxy Legane, responds to research stating that pupils who attend elite public schools are 94 times more likely to become society's next leaders.Read more

Aeve Ribbons: Listening to Rochdale

Aeve summarises the community consultation done in Rochdale over the past few months, and announces the start of the Rochdale Girls 2017 LEAD programme.Read more

Press release: RECLAIM celebrates 10 anniversary

Mayor Andy Burnham joins teenagers from Manchester charity RECLAIM to celebrate a decade of transformative youth leadershipRead more

Intersecting Inequalities

Kacea Omeje, RECLAIM Alumni writes about her experience as a peer-researcher for Intersecting Inequalities, a new report revealing huge racial disparities in income for ethnic minority women.Read more

RECLAIM responds to Lammy Review

Alumni Network Lead, Roxy Legane responds to David Lammy's review into the treatment of, and outcomes for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals in the criminal justice system.Read more

Terry Manyeh: Young people should be able to enjoy learning and make mistakes

Terry Manyeh from Educating All writes the education system is a pressure cooker waiting to burst and young people are the ones feeling it.Read more

Rachael Gibbons: Working Class Heroes

Rachael Gibbons writes about RECLAIM new flagship Institute programme aiming to celebrate the cultural heritage of rapidly gentrifying communities in Manchester.Read more

The day young Manchester ruled the streets

Shawnee, 16, reports back on an unforgettable Walk for ChangeRead more

A level results day; A significant and anxious day for many working class young people

There can be a lot at stake for working class young people receiving their A level results today. With the opening of an envelope, young people from working class families will find out whether they can take the next steps to a better future.Read more

Teenagers of Manchester unite to be heard in dramatic city-centre demonstration

On Tuesday 22nd August hundreds of teenagers will walk through rush hour in Central Manchester to demand greater power in the fight for a more fair and united society.Read more

Moss Side letter

In 2007, RECLAIM started its journey in Moss Side. Today, ten years on, we have seen its community and young people thrive; working with young leaders who continue to show that Moss Side is more than the negative media headlines.Read more

Eduating All; The release of the NSS results are a timely reminder for universities that students will not be treated as cash cows

The release of the NSS results are a timely reminder for universities that students will not be treated as cash cows whilst universities do only the bare minimum to support the most vulnerable students.Read more

Team Future go on tour!

Team Future are set for an adventure across Greater Manchester visiting youth centres and town centres, sharing our passion for social change. We show the need for unity in our fight to ensure that the voices of working class young people are not only being heard but being prioritised as well.Read more

From Breadline to Broadsheets

RECLAIM release a new film exploring the barriers that stop our media from being truly representativeRead more

Schools out; Don’t get bored, get heard

Team Future member Shawnee explains why you should join the movementRead more