“I've always known I was working class. I'm just not ashamed of it now” Salford Boy, 2015

We are proud to be leaders in discussing leadership and community pride through the lens of social class.

Whilst class and social mobility continue to be contentious topics, 60% of Britons currently identify themselves as working class (not in line with occupation but values) and young people more than ever are limited by their childhood circumstance.

Class won’t go away. Whilst the dream of a classless society is a distant utopia, it is important that as an organisation working with young people from working class communities, we have honest conversations about class, particularly in making young people aware of themselves within a wider societal context. Typically, the language around young people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds is discouraging and to some extent demoralising. RECLAIM move entirely away from this discourse, referring to young people as being simply ‘working class’. As a strengths-based organisation, we believe that the use of disempowering language is detrimental to leadership development.