"It's not where you live, it's who you are."

Have police lost control of Salford streets to gangs? This was the question Panorama asked the UK on 8th February 2016. Salford boys from RECLAIM provided: ‘What Panorama didn’t show’, a tour of Salford from their perspective.  Eight boys aged 12-13 showcased their leadership ability and were proud young spokesmen for their community. Their video received over a thousand shares; we are thrilled to showcase the Manchester Evening News coverage of their tour of Salford. 

"The whole city was affected by the negative publicity with the Panorama programme. I’ve just watched the video and it is outstanding. Please pass on my thanks to all the young people who put this together. I recognised two of them! Thanks to RECLAIM also for helping the young people to be proud of their City." Jim Taylor, Council Director of Salford

Watch the video on Manchester Evening News, here.