Team Future

Team Future is a new, youth- led movement out to grow the political power and voice of young, working class people. Learn about their manifesto for hopeful politics and find out how YOU can get involved in this exciting movement. Read more

RECLAIM Education

RECLAIM Education is a groundbreaking student led programme commissioned by youth leadership charity RECLAIM, with the overarching aim of addressing the barriers faced by working class students within higher education. Educating All works with universities to create tailored, student-centred solutions to improve the recruitment, retention, attainment and well-being of working class students. Read more

The Annual Teen's Speech

Beginning in 2014, filmed on an almost non-existent budget, RECLAIM tried something bold. Now in its third year, the annual Teen's Speech offers an alternative message to watch on Christmas Day. Read more


A collective of young women survivors of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Manchester offering innovative, direct insights and strategies to front-line workers and organisations who come in to contact with children at risk of CSE. Read more

Full Time Fierce

Our young women are sick of the rhetoric about females and the discrimination many systematically face simply by virtue of being female! RECLAIM have brought together a diverse group of women from working class communities for a project, Full Time Fierce, that will combat the barriers in their way to leadership. We will up skill them with training, we will help to build their confidence and tenacity they will need to survive in a male dominated society. Read more