In a world that feels increasingly scary and hostile, particularly for young people, RECLAIM work is more urgent than ever. Working class young people must be able to navigate and understand the changing world around them; as we put our hope in them to become ethical leaders who can build a more hopeful future, for us all

At RECLAIM, we have the privilege of working alongside inspiring, working class young people on a daily basis. We know that they have exceptional insight and can offer real solutions for a fairer society. Their youth-led campaigns and initiatives have already made huge waves. Their lived experience makes them authentic experts in some of society’s most complex issues. We know that with the right support, they can be key to the radical social change that society needs. 

"19 Prime Ministers from Eton, but not one from Salford." Disruptive Leaders Campaign, 2015

Great leaders can come from council estates, as well as country estates, but working class young people face multiple barriers, so the odds are stacked against them. We have a track record of delivering successful, high-level leadership programmes for young people that need them most.  Through our programmes and campaigning work, RECLAIM young people can go on to offer solutions to society’s thorniest problems, ensuring a brighter, fairer future for everyone.

If, like us, you want real social change; please donate today. We are an independently funded organisation with a bold aim: to end leadership inequality. We envision a future where young people can achieve their dreams, no matter their postcode. We envision a future where our leaders truly represent all in society.

We are Disruptive Leaders; we are bold, we think critically and we're unafraid to challenge the status quo. 

We’ve come a long way since we started ten years ago, and we still have a long way to go. We know a fairer future is possible, but we can’t do this alone. Like most small charities, we have to work incredibly hard to ensure that every penny counts. 

We know that thousands of people share our vision for a fairer future, and we rely on your donations to continue our pioneering work.

Where do my donations go?

Your donations help us in so many ways.  They fund mentoring; which is vital to so many young people’s growth. They fund travel costs for young people have often rarely left their postcode area. They ensure young people have access to a warm, safe building that they can feel comfortable in when they visit us. Your donations ensure consistency in our brilliant work, and without them, we couldn’t survive. Donate today. 

"RECLAIM armed with a belief that with confidence, not shackled by the limitations of my circumstance, I can do anything. RECLAIM allowed me to grow up, make bad decisions but reassured me that my mistakes will not limit me. RECLAIM did not tell me how to be a man, it allowed me to find it. RECLAIM provided the space for my talents to develop, my personality to bud. It filled the gaps that were in my life."