In October 2017, a group of thirty Year 8 girls from Rochdale joined forces to produce a manifesto for change addressing their concerns around community, leadership and education. With female empowerment speeches, funding bids for youth facilities and council consultations firmly under their belt, the girls now launch their 34 strong billboard campaign and petition asking for youth involvement in future discussions around curriculum.
Thoughts echoed amongst the girls highlighted the need for young people at the centre of decision making and an emphasis on the utilisation of the talents and creativity of both teacher and pupil within the classroom.

The Rochdale girls expressed their frustrations about an outdated curriculum and the pressures they face within a classroom that doesn’t cater to the variety of learning styles amongst pupils, instead focusing solely on grades.

Their campaign aims to encourage discussion amongst pupils, parents and education professionals to ensure that the current curriculum supports them and other young people in England for the future they face. The girls’ campaign will take over Rochdale for two weeks appearing on 34 billboards in the area and encouraging supporters to visit the website, sign the petition and share their opinions.


“We feel the curriculum isn’t preparing us for the future we face. Where are the life skills? Where is the critical thinking? Where is the political education? Where has creativity gone? We know the future will not be the same as the past so why is our education?” Fatima, Age 13.

“We want the curriculum to be debated and made fit for purpose. We as young people spend 35 hours a week in the education system, we are the people who should be involved in the debate. We all learn in different ways, have different skills and our education is limiting the ability of many to achieve what we are capable of. We know many teachers feel the same – they are limited with large class sizes and pressures on targets mean they are unable to bring the creativity we know they have.” Debbie, Age 13

To support their campaign, the girls are asking other young people, teachers and education professionals to be involved in effective discussions on how we develop a new curriculum which will better fit with the times we live in and the future we are creating.

Please help start the debate and sign the petition at -

Join in the conversation on Twitter at @RECLAIMproject using hashtag #ChangeEducation.


We need to talk about the future, we need to talk about the curriculum.