Team Future is a youth collective campaigning for the rights and futures of all young people. Led by working class young activists, we are a voice for under 18’s who are locked out of political decision making.

 In the wake of the snap election, Team Future is calling for the bold, ethical and hopeful leaders that we need and deserve. We demand that our politicians work to create a vision of the future that we can believe in.

 On Tuesday, Theresa May called a snap election to take place June 8th. Though we are too young to vote, we know this will have a huge impact on our lives, and we’ve been watching with dismay from the sidelines.

 “We the youth, the future, need to keep you accountable to the promises you made” Samuel, 15

Team Future is a youth collective led by working class young people, formed after feeling locked out and let down by leadership during the EU Referendum last year. The EU Referendum was a decision that would shape the futures of working class young people - we wanted to engage in the debate, but couldn’t vote, and felt like we were dismissed. Then, as the debates became increasingly hateful and dishonest, we decided we had to take action.

Now, almost a year on, we are asking the same questions: “Is this the kind of political leadership we want to see?”; Where are the leaders that we can believe in?

We want to hold politicians to account to be the leaders we need, after a year in which bold, ethical, hopeful political leadership has felt very far away.

This year, Team Future asked 5000 young people what behaviours and values they’d like to see displayed by UK politicians. Across all groups, ‘honesty’ was the number one answer. It’s clear that mainstream politics, which is self-serving, unrepresentative and inaccessible, isn’t working for young people.

 “They're making big decisions on our lives, but they've never lived our lives. Leaders don’t understand our real issues and sometimes create them for us” Kaya, 14

 It’s time our leaders actively seek out and include a diversity of voices in decision making at this time of political change. It’s time that our voices are heard in demanding leaders who work for us; not for themselves.

Though we can’t vote, Team Future won’t sit silently on the sidelines during this election. We will speak out and challenge the status quo, advocating for a better way of doing politics.

 Team Future young people are available for media requests to comment on the leadership they’d like to see in UK politicians; and on young people’s engagement in politics.