For our final blog of the series, we want to speak about the change we want to make around Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Many people think change is already being made, but still so many children and young people are being sexually exploited and this must come to a stop.

REIGN wants to make a difference in society. Through workshops and consultation we educate a wide range of professionals who come into contact with young people at risk of CSE. We want to make young people aware of how CSE can happen, the many different types of CSE and how it can happen without them even knowing. We want society to not feel ashamed of talking about the subject and know that CSE is happening all around them. We also want to change the sentencing perpetrators receive to better reflect the damage CSE can cause.

We want to stand together as strong powerful young people who are survivors of child sexual exploitation and change the way people see us and show people that even though we went through an experience many people can’t understand, we came out fighting. We did that together which is something none of our perpetrators can take away from us.

We want to change a lot that is wrong and we will achieve that because REIGN is more than just a project around CSE. It’s a platform to make a difference.

CSE is a crime, but talking about it isn’t. We want society to see CSE as a crime first and foremost, without following it with questions about what the child was wearing, whether they were drunk, and were they sure they didn’t say yes. We want the perpetrators to know that we won’t stay silent and we will talk about the abuse that happened to us. Finally, we want to show the survivors of CSE and the young people still going through this that together we will put a stop to CSE and we are strong enough to stand together and no longer stay quiet about the issues.

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