The Warriors, known to be named Shirley of the Cymer Bugs and Paige of the Sightey Mighties were two groups based in the valley. The evidence found shows that the two sides were rivals from an argument of their great-great
grandfathers, and though they had forgotten what it was about, they stayed loyal to their ancestors and kept the feud going.

As a part of the LEAD Programme, the Port Talbot girls wrote their Manifesto & spent weekends working to achieve social change around each area of the points. The girls have partaken in a walk for change where they voiced their concerns on the lack of female leaders. They have campaigned and challenged homelessness. & individually contacted changemakers challenging them on what more can be done to fight the growing issue.

They also produced a short play expressing these concerns and live streaming over social media. For the 100th Anniversary of the vote for women the cohort marched on Westminster to discuss gender equality & how little has changed for women in the last 100 years.

The girls were approached to represent young welsh women onstage at Royal Festival Hall in London as a part of Women of the World Festival, where they spoke eloquently about increasing opportunities for young girls from Wales. They were even spoken about in Parliament from Labour MP Stephen Kinnock.

And now, the Port Talbot girls have created this legacy in a community that they care about and are passionate about supporting. Through the Pen Y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Funding, they have created this interactive map which includes routes where you can retrace the footsteps of The Four Warrior Women of Cymer. The stories are inspired by folk stories of women who are young, brave and fearless... just like them.

The Warrior Women of Cymer Tour is part of the ‘Refresh Fun Day’ on Saturday 18th August 2018 hosted by The Refreshment Rooms, Cymer. Can’t make the Refresh Fun Day on Saturday 18th August 2018? Follow the map below at a later date to explore the tales of Cymer with friends and family.

To download the map, click here.
Or to read the full script as you travel around the map, click here.