Peterloo 2019

This powerful animation, created by RECLAIM's Salford Girls in collaboration with Tripledotmakers, commemorates 200 years since 18 people were killed, hundreds injured and Manchester changed forever. Read more

Ticking boxes with Chicken boxes #KnifeFree

The #KnifeFree campaign was doomed before it even properly started. An opportunity to make a tangible difference through financial and emotional investment in communities crying out for help, has been squandered; spaffed up the wall, if you will. Read more

Amy Win from 4Lunch shares her Enterprise top tips

Have you ever thought about being your own boss and starting your own business? Amy Win from award-winning social enterprise, 4Lunch shares some helpful tips on how she got started. Read more

The #SalfordGirls launch their 2018 Manifesto

The Salford Girls are making change! A Manifesto looking to tackle the lack of female sports opportunities, homelessness support within the community, youth safety campaigns & a cleaner, greener Salford. YES GIRLS! Read more

RECLAIM appoints new Chief Executive and Directors

RECLAIM welcome the new Chief Executive, Roger Harding to the team. Read more

The Warrior Women of Cymer

The history of Cymer is about to be rewritten as new evidence has been found by the Port Talbot girls to show the existence of an army of strong & brave Warrior Women. Read more

Alumni's Olivia on youth & the effects of social media

For the last 2 weeks, Alumni legend Olivia has joined the RECLAIM crew for work experience. Check out her blog post on the positives and negatives of social media on young people. Read more

Port Talbot Girls Will Steel Your Imagination

The PT Perfect Girls graduate & get ready to launch their latest campaign. Read more

34 billboards in Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Rochdale Girls launch billboard campaign asking for a curriculum overhaul! Read more

IWD Push for Progress: CSE and women's rights

REIGN blog on International Women’s Day, a celebration of women everywhere and this years theme is our #PressForProgress. Read more

Women In Science

Co-Author of the Educating All report, Martha Hilton blogs about women in science on International Women's Day Read more

Regeneration: Who created Manchester's buzz?

Are we putting working class people over profit? Read more

Taesia (14): Our black board of Manchester excellence

Our Taesia Mack (14) shares her thoughts on the recent additions to Manchester's Global Ambassadors list, and the lack of black role models in society. Read more

Alex Baratta: Putting an accent on class, the need for accent protection

Lecturer in Language and Linguistics at Manchester University, Dr. Alex Baratta details the role of class and accents in Higher Education and wider society Read more

Educating All: University can be a tough place for working class students to navigate, especially in the first year

Terry Manyeh: Working class individuals should be represented and provided with the opportunity to make decisions that will affect them, and this means access via higher education to the positions that make change Read more

RECLAIM Alumni: There are leaders beyond the elite

Alumni Network Lead, Roxy Legane, responds to research stating that pupils who attend elite public schools are 94 times more likely to become society's next leaders. Read more

Aeve Ribbons: Listening to Rochdale

Aeve summarises the community consultation done in Rochdale over the past few months, and announces the start of the Rochdale Girls 2017 LEAD programme. Read more

Press release: RECLAIM celebrates 10 anniversary

Mayor Andy Burnham joins teenagers from Manchester charity RECLAIM to celebrate a decade of transformative youth leadership Read more