RECLAIM builds strong and effective partnerships with a wide range of businesses and organisations. Thanks to a range of corporate partners we are able to make precious resources go much further. Our work with businesses and funders enables us to remain independent while connecting the young people we work with directly with leaders from a range of sectors. As well as building the skills and experiences of our young people, corporate support often also brings crucial skills and experience into our organisation – allowing us to grow sustainably and deliver transformational programmes. 

We have vast experience of working with private sector organisations – and have even won an award for our engagement with business. Support from businesses has included:

  • Professional mentoring for our team, and pro bono consultancy support;
  • Direct support to our young people, through leading or attending events, or enabling young people to access (and have sessions in) prestigious spaces;
  • Support from KPMG, Virgin Trains, Penguin Books and others for our Fairer Futures campaign;
  • Cisco led professional mentoring for our young people and our senior management team, and took part in a team building challenge day;
  • Sainsbury’s invited us to hold their team building challenge day, helping to deliver valuable team training as well as engaging with our staff and our young people;
  • Google supported the RECLAIM our Name campaign, which won a Philip Lawrence Award;

To learn more about how your business could get involved with RECLAIM, please click here. Alternatively, you can contact our Relationship Lead Kerry at [email protected]

A massive thank you to all our partners, including:

Rapport AgencyCo-Op, and In Touch Futures.

A special thank you to those who have made us their Charity of Choice:

KPMG, Cisco, Beech Holdings, Irwell Valley Housing AssociationSearch ConsultancyTrue Northand Thoughtworks