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Gender Justice Summer School

Full Time Fierce is a gender justice campaigning programme for working-class young people.


We are offering a fully FREE summer activity programme for working-class young people interested in gender justice, campaigning and inclusive joy.

The dates will be:


  • Tues 6th Aug (11am-5pm)

  • Weds 7th Aug (11am-5pm AND an evening social with a free evening meal!

  • Thurs 8th Aug (11am-5pm)

You are eligible if you are:


  • 16-25 years old (if you are 14-15 and already known to RECLAIM then you can still apply)

  • Based in or around Greater Manchester and able to get to Salford independently

  • From a working-class background*

Working-class means different things to different people but for us at RECLAIM being working-class is
characterised by a few key factors:


  1. You're on, or grew up on, a low income with limited access to wealth.

  2. You don't have many family connections to people with well paid, professional or powerful jobs.

  3. You find it harder to 'fit in' in middle-class spaces, interests and conversations

  4. You're proud of your background and want people to see it as a strength, not a weakness.


Get ready for sessions on stuff like:

  • Protest photography

  • Working class feminist herstories

  • Trans mutual aid

  • Radical tunes of resistance

  • How to get people onto your side

  • Truly inclusive sex education

  • Solidarity across causes: building powerful coalitions

  • Masculinity, femininity and busting the binary!

  • Progressive and feminist theatre

We will provide financial support for transport to and from in-person sessions, as well as free meals every day.

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