Rebecca  Smith Running for RECLAIM eek. For all the reasons, RECLAIM bloggers below:

'According to a report published by the Sutton trust, a staggering 51% of the country’s top journalists were privately educated, compared to 7% of the population.' -

'Lili said: "I'm proud of our original idea and the poster. We were shocked that people saw our town in such a negative light. Port Talbot has a brilliant beach and good people who are friendly and look after each other."'

'We need to throw our scope of perception wide open to catch CSE early and eliminate the dangers that are leaving so many children at risk.'

'Data pulled from the Tech partnership data sheet found that just under one quarter (23%) of tech industry workers in 2015 were female compared with nearly half (47%) of all workers during that period...More than eight in ten people working in tech businesses (84%) were of white ethnic origin, also a lower proportion than the workforce as a whole.'

'Being from a council estate really is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it plays a huge part in the identity of Britain’s working classes.'

'We are all familiar with the institutions, Eton, Harrow, Rugby; elite, southern hubs that feed into the establishment that leads us. Wealth provides direct pathways to these institutions, and these institutions provide direct, often guaranteed journeys to leadership.'

'The researchers concluded that it is difficult to promote equality and diversity within an institution which is so profoundly ‘gendered, classed and raced’.'

'We live in a society that fails to acknowledge black people as positive role models. Many still try to claim we are “all equal”, yet it seems we are failing to be treated equally.'
Rebecca Smith