Role: Leigh LEAD Youth Engagement

Superpower: If Jess could have one superpower, she would redistribute wealth to make a fairer society.

Jess works as youth engagement on our Leigh LEAD programme and is on a secondment from Wigan Council where she has worked & volunteered for over 4 years. Previous to that she was a lecturer of Sociology and has taught Humanities within schools throughout the Wigan Borough. Jess has always managed work within her hobbies of politics, social justice & activism and continues to do so within her role at RECLAIM where her knowledge and passion has been such a massive asset to the RECLAIM staff & young people. The reason Jess, and Wigan Council, were keen to work with RECLAIM was "due to the innovative delivery of political, informal and holistic development in youth work practice. Everyone is also proper mint."

"I am working class. I’m proud of that. But I’m also a politically minded Sociologist who is always keen to work in diverse settings and empower young minds to be the best that they can be."