Are you 14-18, living in Greater Manchester and hungry to change the world? We want you in Team Future. 

Team Future is Manchester’s new youth-led collective aiming to give a platform to young people so often locked out of the debates that matter.

Are you sick of politics and the media being dominated by privileged older voices, while we working class young people are stereotyped as having nothing of value to add?

Help us build a movement to smash stereotypes, heal divisions and show that young people from the North to the South have so much more to add in the fight for a bold, ethical and hopeful future.

Our youth collective meets regularly in central Manchester to pursue our shared vision for young people. We are a friendly, open and supportive group united by our shared purpose to build a better, fairer world.

Read more about the story so far and sign up below to join the mission to RECLAIM our future.