The LEAD Fellowship Programme

For the second stage of LEAD - the LEAD Fellowship - we increase our focus on building effective networks with traditional leaders and people in power. This programme is uniquely shaped by the cohort – enabling young people to take ownership and direction of the work, while linking them with adult experts and coaches to build their skills.

Young people participate in focused, high level activities linked with relevant corporate and other contacts who provide a range of opportunities for them to develop their leadership skills. This programme often generates new projects or campaigns to be led by the young people, building their knowledge and skills through real life challenges. These include two recent pieces of work led by young people, building on their manifesto points developed in the first year.

Salford Boys challenge BBC Panorama's depiction of Salford

More funding outside London, e.g. Salford – Salford Boys 2015 Manifesto

In February 2016, BBC Panorama aired a controversial documentary about gang crime in Salford. Year 2 participants from the Salford Boys cohort felt frustrated at the depiction of their community. They came together to create a tour of Salford from their perspective: ‘What Panorama didn’t show’.

After promoting it on social media, the Manchester Evening News asked for exclusive coverage of the two hour, youth-led tour of Salford. A short film made by M.E.N. was viewed over 100,000 times, and the tour received a two page write up in print. The eight boys aged 12-13 showcased their leadership abilities and were proud young spokesmen for their community.

“The whole city was affected by the negative publicity with the Panorama programme. I’ve just watched the video and it is outstanding. Please pass on my thanks to all the young people who put this together. I recognised two of them! Thanks to RECLAIM also for helping the young people to be proud of their City.” Jim Taylor, Council Director of Salford