“RECLAIM has really turned tables in how I think and the choices I make. RECLAIM has really brought the best out in me and now I realise what I want in life.” – Salford Boys, 2015

Each LEAD Programme is developed in response to young people’s skills and concerns in their manifesto. We then provide tailored support to channel their energy and skills into positive risk taking. The young people are asked to be brave leaders, forming their own paths.  

However, no matter how different the activities, our team brings a relentless focus on outcomes for the young people and their communities. 

The LEAD Programme focuses on six key outcome areas which enable young people to develop into ethical leaders able to create meaningful social change:

  • Resilience and well-being
  • Transferable skills (including employability and communication)
  • Pride (in themselves and their community)
  • Networks
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership

At the end of the programme we see young people with increased skills and networks, built through real life experience.  Most importantly, the young people we work with demonstrate their leadership in their daily lives – they feel equipped with the skills and resilience they need, and regularly take the lead themselves.

We ask young people to challenge obstacles and inherited truths about themselves and their communities. We engage young people intellectually, bringing young people of mixed academic abilities together to develop collective solutions to local challenges. Our sessions are challenging: we don’t rely on distractions or incentivise participants to attend events through vouchers or ‘fun’, but still see 80-90% retention through the programme, all in their own time.

Each cohort is testament to the impact of our work. Whether it’s increased confidence to speak publicly, passionate debating skills, or a newly developed critical eye on the world, the young participants have a transformational experience. We see young people who are determined to make a difference in their community, able to positively represent themselves in uncomfortable spaces – the same young people too often written off as ‘deprived’, or ‘hard to reach’.

RECLAIM allowed me to grow up, make bad decisions but reassured me that my mistakes will not limit me. RECLAIM didn't tell me how to be a man it allowed me to find out, it provided the space for my talents to develop, my personality to bud.” – Moss Side young person.

RECLAIM builds long lasting change in young people. Many continue to be involved in their community and form other social action projects. We now see young people achieving and flourishing – examples of which include young people who have:

  1. Worked with BBC News and Sky News as expert contributors on topics such as street harassment and Child Sexual Exploitation
  2. Set up their own businesses or gained employment
  3. Entered University and College and achieved leadership positions such as Student Union President
  4. Become Ambassadors for their communities
  5. Returned to RECLAIM as Inspirational Speakers and mentors

RECLAIM made me realise how much I love my area … which is why I now do what I do for the community and to help the younger generation” – former participant, Moss Side