Role: Leigh LEAD Programme Manager

Superpower: If Lesley could have one superpower, she would heal sick children. 

Lesley has been a youth worker for almost 20 years & has worked with young people from every possible background. Lesley is super passionate about kids being listened to and heard has spent the last ten years within the industry focusing on youth voice.  Lesley has her eye on RECLAIM for a couple of years, and was inspired by the way we "did things differently and challenged what no one else was challenging." Lesley was totally hooked from the moment she saw our Disruptive Leaders video. Having been called 'disruptive' before, this was the first time Lesley had seen an organisation championing the term and making it something to be proud of.

"Being a working class girl myself I felt as if I hadn’t got on in life as quickly as I could have if I’d had more opportunities early on. I felt this role and this organisation at this time in my life, older, wiser and more reflective was perfect for me. I know who I am, what makes me tick and where I want to be. I want to instill belief in young people. I want working class young people to have access to opportunities and have access to someone who says it’s ok to be disruptive. I want working class young people to be the future. My role at reclaim is about empowering young girls - that’s not a job. That’s my vocation in life...I love my job!"