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A colleague at work boasts of moving into a new residential complex, shows photos to colleagues, and you are annoyed by your own situation, and you think: “Well, it’s okay, I’ll also work hard and move!”. It is important to note that most often a dream does not prompt action. At this stage, you do not yet have a sufficient degree of discomfort. The dream did not take possession of you so much that you put aside all your affairs and began to resolve the issue of real estate.


You are driving a car and see an advertisement: “Great apartments from 4,000,000 rubles! Mortgage from 6.5%!”. Or friends stop by and tell how they just visited the new home sales office and show the catalog. The other half gently nods at the portal with advertisements for the sale of real estate with a hint of “roll up to see”.

“Okay, just look,” you think to yourself. Remember this state? You go to the store, but you are not going to buy anything, only to look. Saw the price tag and run to the door. This is how often potential real estate buyers find out the price, mortgage conditions and no longer know how to escape from the sales office. Or vice versa: they open an advertising portal, see a fake ad at a low price, thinking that everything is very cool, and only later find out the details: either the object is in an unsuccessful location, or the area is indicated with an error, or the photo was “photoshopped”.



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