"Child sexual exploitation can happen to anyone. Too many cases are missed because people don't know what the signs are or because a child doesn't fit the stereotype. We need to have a frank and open conversation that says child sexual exploitation exists, it's a serious issue with serious consequences and there are no excuses for not acting. As survivors we have an important role to play in improving services for CSE."
Elicia, REIGN pioneer.

Who We Are

REIGN is a RECLAIM project of young survivors of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). We are dedicated to raising awareness, changing attitudes, and improving CSE services.  Through training and consultancy services, we offer innovative, direct insights and strategies to organisations, groups and individuals concerned about CSE. Our personal experiences underpin our expertise. We aim to empower ourselves and other survivors to speak out, calling for power not pity. We do this to fix the flaws in the systems the failed us.

“No one can understand what it's like to experience CSE better than those who have recently lived it. We are a unique, form-breaking project because as survivors, we have real life knowledge and credibility."
Zoe, REIGN pioneer

What We Do

Our survivor-led workshops are available to all organisations that come into contact with children at risk of CSE. This includes but is not limited to police forces, frontline social workers, universities, medical professionals, schools, parents and children. We go beyond basic awareness and speak openly about the psychology behind the behaviours of victims. We have answers to the difficult questions professionals want to ask, and our personal case studies ensure professionals get the experience of meeting real survivors, telling real stories.

As young people ourselves, our workshops for school children are uniquely engaging, addressing challenging issues in age appropriate ways.

Through bold campaigns, we aim to provoke conversations on CSE throughout the community, raising awareness, and educating the general public on how to respond if they suspect CSE may be happening.   

“We all come from different backgrounds and have experienced different models of abuse, breaking stereotypes and covering more ground. We are all passionate about what we do and determined to make a real, tangible change.”
Becka, REIGN pioneer

REIGN aims to…

  • Improve the way services respond to CSE by using a child-centred approach.
  • Raise awareness and responsibility within the community.
  • Teach school children how to avoid the dangers of CSE.
  • Empower survivors to speak out and take back control.

If you wish to find out more about REIGN or enquire about a workshop please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

To support the work of REIGN, visit our Crowdfunder campaign. Without financial support, REIGN may not be able to continue the work we do, or achieve our dreams of running our mentoring service or future projects.  Your support will allow this life-changing work to continue. 


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