RECLAIM is a youth leadership and social change charity. We are a small but bold charity, using our experience and platform to support and amplify the voices of working class young people. 

RECLAIM exists to end the leadership inequality that prevents working class young people with talent, imagination, ambition and drive, from fulfilling their leadership potential. We support young people who refuse to be silent: they fight for their voices to be heard.

How can you support?

Choose us as your Charity of the Year

Support a young person or project

Payroll Giving

In-kind support

Charity of the Year

What better way to bring your staff together and build morale than to get behind a cause that is close to everyone's hearts - helping working class young people fulfil their potential regardless of where they are from.

The team at RECLAIM will provide you with everything you need to tailor a dynamic Charity of the Year package including:

  • Content, guidance and resources.
  • Regular promotional support.
  • A calendar of events.
  • Coordinated team building days.
  • Diverse volunteering opportunities available throughout.
  • Collection tins.
  • Celebration events throughout the year.

Support a young person 

RECLAIM's young leaders are talented, bold, determined and courageous. Like any young people they dream of achieving ambitious life goals and wish to influence the world around them by having a say in the decisions being made about them and their communities. 

However, in a society that continues to put class before merit, it is proven that young people from working class backgrounds must work ten times harder to gain the same opportunities that are afforded to their more privileged peers in every aspect of their lives.

Here at RECLAIM we ardently reject the idea that the limits of a persons ambition or the influence they can have in the world is already predetermined by where they're from and demand that young people from working class backgrounds are given a fair chance to fulfil their potential and contribute their unique skills and experiences to society.

You can support our young leaders by:

  • Mentoring a young leader for an hour or two per month, supporting them to achieve their goals in education, employment, leadership, campaigning or community development.
  • Offering guidance and advice to help them access employment, including support with writing CV's, developing an application or preparing for interview.
  • Creating work placements to give young people an insight into various career pathways.
  • Introducing our young people to your networks and promoting their skills and talents.
  • Providing financial bursaries to help them progress in their education and training, particularly for young people pursuing a career in your sector.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a flexible scheme which allows anyone who receives their pay through payroll to give regularly and on a tax free basis.

Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax so for every £1.00 that you give it will only cost you 80p, and if you're a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you 60p.

In-kind support

Whether it's services, venues, products, professional advice, mentoring or volunteering; there are lots of ways that local businesses can support our work.

Whilst there is no monetary exchange involved, in-kind support makes a considerable impact. In-kind giving will:

  • Raise your profile as a socially conscious business.
  • Allow you to give more easily to RECLAIM in a way that utilises your existing skills or resources.
  • Allow you to give more often.
  • Allow you to engage your suppliers and clients in getting behind your chosen cause.
  • In some cases, will allow you to reduce corporation tax if a monetary value can be assigned to your giving.