Role: Volunteer and Mentor Co-ordinator

Superpower: If Tanya could have one superpower, she would be a badass girl, saving the world from the ills of society...we think she already is! G'wan Tanya!

Tanya has a vast background in youth work, mental health, inclusive sport and education. She has also volunteered for various organisations over the past ten years including working on a HIV and Aids project in Uganda. Tanya currently works as the Volunteer and Mentoring Co-ordinator, recruiting and training Volunteers for the Salford LEAD Project and working with Volunteers across the whole organisation. In Summer 2018, Tanya also worked with The Stuart Hall Foundation to explore why stories around Black and Brown Activism within the region have essentially been forgotten. "This was an exciting piece of work to be involved in and the young people, volunteers and staff really did enjoy being part of something special!"

"When I initially applied for a role at RECLAIM, during that time the CEO was Ruth Ibegbuna who I saw as a strong black female role model, and a rarity in the youth work sector. Although I only met her a few times, she inspired me to truly believe in myself. Secondly before I started working here I recognised quite a few of the young people on the RECLAIM website that I had worked with in previous roles, and saw the activities and programmes they were involved in and instantly knew that I wanted to be part the organisation!"