"Team Future is one of the most exciting and inspirational new movements in Britain today. If the UK has a future, it lies with young working class people organising and making their voices heard". Owen Jones

Team Future began as a group of working class young people from Greater Manchester, who came together as a response to Brexit. Feeling locked out of a decision that would change their futures forever, and dismayed by the self-serving and divisive politics that had taken hold on both sides of the debate, they vowed to build something good from the chaos.

Watch: Team Future's Annual Teen speech 

One year later and Team Future has grown into an unstoppable youth-led campaign collective. Their mission: to build the political power and voice of marginalised young people to bring about the united, inclusive future we all deserve. Meeting regularly in Manchester, with plans to expand nationally - the group is out to shatter stereotypes and ensure young working class voices win a genuine place at the decision making table. Follow and support them @TeamFuture2017

Know an inspiring young person age 14-18 who should join Team Future? Please put them in contact at [email protected]

Media enquiries

Team Future is full of engaging young people with powerful views on politics and the issues affecting working class young people, including social mobility, education, race, democracy and more.

For media and public speaking enquires please contact Jessie Barnard on 0161 234 2950 or [email protected]


National media recognition

Two of Team Future’s founding members profiled by the Guardian as diverse young activists changing politics for the better.

A voice for the voteless during the General Election

As politics nosedived into sound-bites and U-turns during 2017 Mayoral and General Elections, Team Future refused to stay silent. They canvassed over 4000 young people around Greater Manchester and created a manifesto of demands for politicians that cut across social media and was covered by Manchester Evening News and BBC Northwest.

Other campaign Outcomes so far:

  • 30 working class young people, aged 14-19, recruited as Team Future pioneers
  • Pioneers delivered a key note speech at YouTube’s Global Summit for Social Change
  • RECLAIM’s annual Teens’ Speech delivered by Team Future pioneers
  • Team Future nominated for the ‘Christine Jackson Young Person Award’ at the Liberty Human Rights Awards
  • Official backing from Owen Jones, who visited pioneers in August 2016
  • Ongoing meetings with pioneers and Greater Manchester’s mayoral candidates

"We need leaders that serve the people, not themselves" Kaya, 14, Brinnington