"Team Future is one of the most exciting and inspirational new movements in Britain today. If the UK has a future, it lies with young working class people organising and making their voices heard". Owen Jones

Team Future began as a group of working class young people from Greater Manchester, who came together as a response to Brexit. We are now on a mission to bring together all voices, no matter your age, background or class; to demand a different way of doing politics.

We are a youth-led movement calling for political leaders in the UK to be more bold, ethical and hopeful. We want to see our values upheld and reflected in government and decision-making. Team Future is a huge opportunity for all young people, to come together and demand a more hopeful future.

We will cut across divisions to make politicians accountable to the values of the public, listening to the views of over 50,000 people across the UK. We will present a manifesto for the style of politics society so desperately needs to bridge divides and build a united and inclusive future for the UK.

Campaign Outcomes so far:

  • 20 working class young people, aged 12+, recruited as Team Future pioneers
  • Pioneers delivered a key note speech at YouTube’s Global Summit for Social Change
  • RECLAIM’s annual Teens’ Speech delivered by Team Future pioneers
  • Team Future nominated for the ‘Christine Jackson Young Person Award’ at the Liberty Human Rights Awards
  • Official backing from Owen Jones, who visited pioneers in August 2016
  • Ongoing meetings with pioneers and Greater Manchester’s mayoral candidates

Voices & Ambassadors:

In February, we will be collecting the voices of 5,000 young people (aged 12-22) from across Greater Manchester to help shape our manifesto, asking them:

‘What word or sentence would you use to describe the behaviours you want to see in the UK’s current political leaders?’

In addition, we are looking for 50 Team Future ambassadors to play a vital role in the campaign's journey. Working class young people form our core, but no matter your social class, you can join us. If you are aged 12-22, live, study or are employed in Greater Manchester and would like to share your voice or be an ambassador, please click here

In March 2017, Team Future will be officially launching their campaign with a new and exciting partner in Manchester! Keep an eye on this page, details coming soon...

"We need leaders that serve the people, not themselves" Kaya, 14, Brinnington