At RECLAIM we live our values – they underpin the work we do with young people and in the way we work with our partners and funders.


We believe in having high expectations and expecting excellence - of ourselves, of others and of the world we live in. We know from experience that this is what helps people to give more and what helps society to change.


When high expectations are met with bravery, magic can happen. We need courage to step outside our comfort zone and become something more. This involves taking calculated risks and sometimes doing things as a leap of faith - because our gut tells us it’s right.

Fairness and Compassion

We do what we do out of a deeply held sense of fairness and compassion. We build proud, confident and resilient communities because this matters - to us, to communities and to society.

Pioneering Spirit

We will stop at nothing short of social change and will adopt the pioneering spirit necessary to achieve this. We are supporting the development of individual young people because it will change the structures of power and privilege that limit human potential.


To create lasting change we need to do things differently. For this reason we trust the importance of innovation and creativity. Our approach is not mainstream - we do what engages the communities we work with and what is at the cutting edge. It is not our aim to become mainstream; it’s our aim to disrupt and challenge the status quo, not seek to emulate it.


We take pride in what we do and we are confident about our independence, of mind and of action - we believe it makes a difference in the world. We have seen RECLAIM’s impact and will stay true to the essence of our approach as engaged critical thinkers, always acting with integrity.


We take personal responsibility for ourselves. We are accountable for our actions and for delivering what we have agreed to do. We will hold ourselves to this, we will challenge others to do their part and expect to be challenged.