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We want a mayor who will listen to us, learn from us and invest in solutions shaped by us.


Before the mayoral election on 2nd May, please send a message to the candidates asking them to commit to our manifesto demands and build a fair and inclusive Greater Manchester for all working-class young people. Here’s a template message, but feel free to change it up…


Dear xxx 


The future is becoming increasingly harder for working-class young people.


There are over 898,000 young people under 25 living in Greater Manchester and they all should be entitled to the same opportunities, regardless of their postcode. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has the power to make that happen.


As a resident of Greater Manchester, I want a mayor who will support and invest in young people across the region and create change that they want to see.


Ahead of the election on 2nd May, I am asking you to publicly commit to implementing demands developed by working-class young people from RECLAIM, a youth charity working across Greater Manchester, which focus on education, transport, access to spaces and political culture. Those demands can be read in full here 


Sincerely xxx



Candidate Contacts

Jake Austin

Liberal Democrats



Andy Burnham




Hannah Spencer

Green Party



Laura Evans




Nick Buckley 




Dan Barker

Reform UK


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