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Missing Experts Report

Our latest report shows that working-class people are hidden or missing in some of the most influential think tanks and anti-poverty charities in the UK.



Young People’s Activism in Times of Austerity

We teamed up with Manchester University's Academic Liz Ackerley to support her research findings on youth activism.

The research explored young people’s understanding and practices of activism and how this work is supported by youth engagement organisations like ours.


These reports identify the positive impact and importance of youth voice - creating safer environments and bringing together communities and professionals 

Keeping Young People and Children Safe


Uni Help Hub

We partnered with Student Space, a mental health initiative run by Student Minds that offers safe and confidential support for students, to bring a webinar and podcast series exploring class to facilitate discussions, support those affected and amplify these voices.


Separately, in 2022, we launched the Uni Help Hub series in collaboration with our young people and our youth workers.  


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