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Our latest report shows that working-class people are hidden or missing in some of the most influential think tanks and anti-poverty charities in the UK.

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In response to these findings eight think tanks and charities have committed to a pledge to monitor and improve class diversity in their organisations.


The irony is that in charity and think tank world, we're supposed to be helping people like me but we never talk to them - just about them and often with, at best, a limited understanding.
Survey respondent


Join these Committed organisations

A growing number of organisations have committed to taking concrete actions on tackling class diversity. Here are the steps they are taking:

  1. By the end of 2022, set out your ambitions and initial priorities for class diversity in your organisation, and make this publicly available.

  2. Collect data on your organisation’s class diversity by June 2023. There's a helpful toolkit setting out how to do this from the Social Mobility Commission.

  3. Collaborating with each other organisations to share knowledge and best practice at least once a year


Our research, part-funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, interviewed 30 people from working class backgrounds in think tanks and anti-poverty charities, and surveyed 277 people with working-class backgrounds who’ve worked in the sector. 


Though there are some people from working class backgrounds in these organisations, they report having difficult experiences at work, struggling to fit into a ‘middle-class’ environment, or feel they need to hide their background. 


 people with working-class backgrounds who’ve worked in the sector were surveyed in the writing of this report.


of respondents said that class diversity was a problem in think tanks and anti-poverty charities.


of working-class people either do not openly talk about their background at work or only do so partially.


of respondents agreed that different language would be used about working class people if more worked in their organisation.

Our Findings


 Every charity I worked for had outdated views that seeped its way into the projects they did. We spoke a lot about improving the lives of people living in poverty, without ever speaking about improving financial capabilities.
Survey respondent


We know that making a change of this size to your organisation can feel like a big task, which is why RECLAIM are here to help. 

If you're interested in making this commitment, fill in the form and we will share more information.


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