Why do we campaign?

At RECLAIM, instead of distracting young people from the challenges they face, we ask them to question the world around them.  Throughout all our leadership programmes [link to progs page], we encourage young people to practice critical thinking and disruptive leadership [link to definitions].  Their ideas and passion drive us to support them in delivering topical, thought-provoking youth-led campaigns on issues pertinent to young people’s lives.

We see that working class young people are the experts in their lives and communities: high-profile, national campaigns demonstrate the value of their voice.

Some of our campaigns are large; from our national Team Future work [Team Future link]; while others are small but powerful, such as our Enough is Enough campaign [Stephen Lawrence].  You may have seen our annual Teen’s Speech campaign, an Alternative Christmas Message aired every Christmas Day [Teen’s Speech link]. Consistent through all of our campaigns, whether big or small, is that they are fundamentally driven by working class young people. Our young people speak confidently for themselves, in their own words, not as tokens.

RECLAIM knows that working class young leaders hold the key to real social change, and can seek out solutions to society’s thorniest problems. It’s just time society listened.

Thank you to Clothworkers for funding our youth-led campaigning work.