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RECLAIM is a youth leadership and social change organisation and our mission is to build knowledge, power, community and solidarity with working-class young people to campaign on issues that affect them the most. 


Our campaigns give working-class young people the opportunity to harness their skills, learn about the power of campaigning and challenge institutions, systems and structures to create a fair and class-inclusive world. 


Here are some of our current campaigns:  

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Listen up! 

Listen Up! Is a Manifesto designed and developed by working-class young people across Greater Manchester. It addresses changes to education, space, transport and political culture. 


This mayoral election, add your support to their demands! 

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Let periods flow 

Let Periods Flow is a youth-led campaign established by Anisa, our Full Time Fierce member, to ensure that schools are properly educating their young people about periods, as well as providing them with easy access to period products.

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