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lads night in 2


The Leigh Lads have big dreams - to reshape the idea of what it means to be a man by creating positive masculinity. 

Talk To Us Stay With Us is the product of the Leigh Lads, a group of young people, determined to change the narrative and expose toxic masculinity and the negative consequences it has. In doing so, the Leigh Lads teamed up with professional Rugby club, Leigh Centurions, and Prevention of Young Suicide charity, Papyrus, to explore and understand the ways toxic masculinity has had an effect on the increasing number of male suicides in the UK.

Initially taking a 9-week journey in exploring and understanding the effects of toxic masculinity and suicide - allowing the Leigh Lads to meet new people, hear new perspectives, develop a broader understanding, create a safe space, and work on how best to create a new narrative. A culmination of the journey saw a magnificent event, Lads Night In - a safe space for young ‘men’ to attend a place of reflection, learning, and understanding, without judgment. 

With open opportunities to talk and a floor to create Lads Night In offered a look into the future and the positive ways in which young men, and others, can express themselves. 

Let's make the future today.

These young campaigners want to host a second, BIGGER, 'Lads Night In' and widen the reach of their campaign messaging - but to do this, they need your help.

Lads Night In 2

“As a group, we are trying to change the way people see what a man can and should be”, Luke (Leigh Lad)


Following on from their work with Papyrus, the Leigh Lads want to host a second, BIGGER, Lads Night In and widen the reach of their campaign messaging.

The Leigh Lads have begun to take action in ensuring better outcomes for now, and the future. But, to be the creative and innovative movement they want to be - we need your help. 

Wanting to continue their journey on reshaping and breaking societies current ideals of a ‘man’ the Leigh Lads hope to become a beacon of hope and safe space for the continued celebration of the complexities of being human. 

Adapting to a post-COVID world has not gone amiss here - with all our sessions to be held online - which in turn can create more opportunities to connect with people wanting to work with the Leigh Lads. If you know someone or you would like to be a part of the project - contact RECLAIM and we'll let you know how you can help. 

The sessions will follow a manifesto of tangible change, created by the group at the start of the project and working throughout on designing a final event to celebrate and share their work.  As well as equipping young men with a different, and positive, understanding of what it means to be a ‘man’ - RECLAIM always aims to upskill the young people who work with us. Whether it be leadership to project management, and allowing us to ensure we are a youth-led platform. This is an integral part of this project as Jaiden, a member of the RECLAIM alumni, will run it.

Who is who

Incredibly, the lead on the project will be Jaiden, an alumnus of RECLAIM and all-round inspiring human being.  From a working-class background, growing up in a working-class area, Jaiden has always been aware of the stereotypes of what it is to be a 'real' man. With the burden of these stereotypes and the added pressures of growing up in a working-class area, Jaiden is passionate about re-shaping the image of what it means to be a ‘man’ today.


Meet Jaiden

The Leigh Lads

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