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Meritocracy cannot exist in an unequal society. 

It’s a sad truth that people from working-class backgrounds are less likely to: 


  • Be paid the same as peers from more affluent backgrounds

  • Feel able to talk openly about their background when working in the anti-poverty charity and think-tank sector

  • Occupy executive and senior-level roles in the Finance Industry

  • Enter and sustain a career in the Arts and Creative industries


This has to change, and we want you to be a part of building workplaces that recognise a working-class upbringing as a strength, not a weakness.


RECLAIM Consultancy is a specialised service that offers valuable insights and guidance on navigating the intricate dynamics of being a truly class-inclusive organisation. We hold a unique position in that we are not only informed by the experiences and views of the working-class young people with whom we work, but the majority of our staff team are also able to draw on experiences from their own working-class backgrounds.


Our consultancy packages support companies in understanding the way in which colleagues from working-class backgrounds experience career and workplace inequality. Organisational factors including cultural norms, economic disparities, and access to resources and networks, can all contribute to creating gaps between those from lower socio-economic backgrounds and those from more affluent communities.


By analysing and interpreting data related to demographics, education, income, and lifestyle, cross-referenced with career satisfaction, development and progression, our consultants can provide tailored advice to help foster an equitable and inclusive workplace. 

In 2021/22 we carried out extensive research with anti-poverty charities and think tanks to explore the experiences and barriers working-class staff faced. To find out what they said, read our Missing Experts report.

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