Everything we do here at RECLAIM is youth-led, and the only way we can do this properly is to make sure that young people have a clear voice and influence in our charity.

Helping guide our Board of Trustees and management team is our Youth Board. Made up of working-class young people, they represent their peers, raise issues and are fundamental to the charity's decision making.

Azan, 14
I am passionate about fighting for race, gender, and class equality. 
Connor, 14
I want to make positive change and give the working-class a voice.
Henry, 14
I wanted to be a part of RECLAIM's Youth Board so I could make a difference for working-class young people like me.
Madison, 15
I want to raise the voice of working-class young people and make a positive impact on the world.
Mel, 15
I wanted to make sure that working-class voices are no longer ignored.
Sky, 14
I want to change the perception of working-class young people and make a difference.
Tofunmi, 14
I am part of the Youth Board to change people's mindsets on the working- class.



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