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Everything we do here at RECLAIM is youth-informed, and the only way we can do this properly is to make sure that young people have a clear voice and influence in our charity.

We help our Board of Trustees and management team and are made up of working-class young people. We represent our peers, raise issues, and are fundamental to the charity's decision making process.

Our sessions run once every month and include: 

  • social and fun activities 

  • developmental and critical thinking 

  • policy strategies and input feedback 

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Liv, 20

Liv is on our Board of Trustees and she is a link between that Board and the Youth Board.
Tofumni, 16

"I believe RECLAIM helps provide more opportunities for young people and it helps to destroy barriers and stereotypes, such as your age, gender, race and background."
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Binish, 17

“No matter what hardships I may face, I will always stand for justice and make a change. Nothing can stop me.”
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Noora, 16

Bio coming soon
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Eniola, 15

"I can no longer change the beginning but I can help create a new future for working class."
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Bushy, 16

Bio coming soon 
Ben, 14
"I believe that young people from working class should have the power to choose what happens in their communities and have a voice."
Francine, 16

Bio coming soon.
Hassan, 17


Bio coming soon 
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