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We are running for election and we need your help...

"Some politicians are working hard to do their best, but some are letting us down."

"To change things we need politicians who commit to not using violent or dehumanising language, parties that don’t tolerate racism and proper protections from hate speech and threats of violence for people.


Most importantly, we desperately need to draw more working class and young people into politics.


#IfWeDidThis, and we were actually MPs, then that’s what we’d do.


We’re not here to tell you who to vote for. But when you do, vote for politicians who commit to make these things happen #VoteLove", Jaiden (17), Precious (17), Olivia (17), Roukagia (18) and Lisa (20).

RECLAIM's campaigns run off a very small budget, and in a world that feels increasingly scary and hostile, particularly for young people, RECLAIM's work is more urgent than ever. Working class young people must be able to navigate and understand the changing world around them; as we put our hope in them to become ethical leaders who can build a more hopeful future, for us all.


#IfWeDidThis campaign

"There’s no way we’d get away with speaking like that...why should they?"

RECLAIM's young activists set up the #IfWeDidThis campaign to put an end to politicians using violent and de-humanising language. The petition, which has already been successful in reaching 70,000 supporters aims to make politics kinder and more inclusive.

On Wednesday 16 October, Roukagia, Precious, Lisa, Olivia and Jaiden met with the House of Commons John Bercow to get his backing and support. He listened and recognised that improvements are needed. He even signed the code himself. 

This new Code of Conduct would ensure that from now on MPs must:

  • Not use violent or de-humanising language or name-calling

  • Commit to showing each other, the public and their staff respect

  • Put the interests of the public first, prioritise healing division, and help engage more people in politics.

"Young people like us are being shown an appalling example by some of our politicians and are being put off getting involved as a result. Please sign our petition to make politics a place of respect, honesty, and dignity. #IfWeDidThis we’d be labelled troubled and violent."

Meeting Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow MP

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