Webinars & Podcasts

We have partnered with Student Minds, a mental health charity that offers safe and confidential support for students, to bring a webinar & podcast series exploring class in order to facilitate discussions, support those affected and amplify these voices. 

Pre-recorded webinars and podcasts will be added here, as well as a sign up link to watch our webinars live. 


A webinar to discuss mental health for black working-class students with a panel from Black People Talk, upReach and students from the University of Birmingham and Nottingham.


A podcast following up from our first webinar, taking a closer look at how these issues affect black working-class students.

Webinar 02:

A webinar on June 14th 2021 exploring what it means to be working-class in a University setting. This week Becca from RECLAIM was joined two guests, Barbara from ATOC and Lisa from the University of Aston.

podcast 02:

The podcast will be uploaded here on 28th June.


webinar 03:

Another unpaid internship?!


This webinar will be looking at working-class students entering the workforce and we will be providing resources and advice.

This webinar will be live on 12th July, to sign up click here but if you cannot make it a recording posted on this page shortly after. 

podcast 03:

The podcast will be uploaded here on 30th July.