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Keeping children and young people safe 

“Professionals don’t listen to young people. We are the ones on the streets, not them.”

In 2019, RECLAIM listened to the voices of over 500 young people across Manchester on how services and professionals need to step up and support young people to feel safe in their communities. 

We did a range of detached, centre-based and outreach sessions working in close partnership with different youth organisations. This allowed young people to learn about activism and develop campaigns around social action to support their experiences, views and goals and facilitate positive change in their communities.  

We wanted to ensure young people's views and expertise were at the heart of the debate on how to create a Manchester where young people can live free from fear and violence.   

In 2019, we were determined to share our findings and developed two reports about keeping young people and children safe. We found that the media's portrayal of violence within communities focussed on symptoms and not the underlying problems and inequalities that young people face which professionals need to be aware of. 

This year (2023) we had a 3-day BootCamp around social action, enterprise and campaigning strategies using our RECLAIM skills framework. We were able to listen to the voices of young people from different youth organisations across Manchester and equip them with campaign and public speaking skills.

Currently, thanks to Young Manchester's youth-led funding pots, five groups of young people are creating projects to keep children and young people safe in their communities.  

By giving working-class young people the confidence and skills to talk about the issues in their community we can shift them into a place of agency,
change the power dynamics and stress the importance of youth voice. 

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