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Full Time Fierce 

Today, young women are systematically oppressed, overlooked and underestimated. 


In the words of one of our graduates, Full Time Fierce ‘allows girls to be themselves, not forcing them into the stereotypes that society and school do’. 


Over the course of a year, young people on the programme explore and critique fundamental injustices within our society. They also develop essential campaigning skills, as well as meeting with - and learning from - successful activists and campaigners. The programme culminates in young people developing and launching their own campaigns to tackle gender injustice. 


Full Time Fierce empowers young working class women and people of marginalised genders to (unapologetically) smash the patriarchy.


We will be announcing our 2024 Full Time Fierce programme details shortly! 

Full Time Fierce is funded by Comic Relief. 


Current Campaigns

Here are some examples of the campaigns run by our Full Time Fierce crew.


A campaign combating hateful political attitudes towards LGBTQ+ youth by opening up safe spaces in Manchester, and through the creation of art.

Abuse in Sport 

This campaign addresses the horrifying rates of abuse against young people in sports, particularly in gymnastics. We will be fighting for awareness of the issue, and clear safeguarding systems to support young people.

Let Periods Flow 

‘Period’ is not a dirty word. This campaign seeks to work hand in hand with schools to educate young people about periods and end the stigma.

NoBody Better 

We aren’t interested in narrow, patriarchal definitions of beauty! NoBody Better is a campaign to celebrate women’s beauty in all of its shapes and sizes.

Working Class Women in Politics

Why are only 1% of Conservative MPs working class? We’re exploring why parliament is so exclusionary of women and young, working class people - and how we can change it.

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