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Would you like to be a part of Full Time Fierce 2024? Click here to sign up! 

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Today, young working-class women, non-binary people and trans people of all genders face an unfair system where they are overlooked and underestimated.


In the words of one of our members, Full Time Fierce allows [people affected by sexism] ‘ to be themselves, not forcing them into the stereotypes that society and school do’. 


On our Full-Time Fierce programme over a year, you will explore and critique fundamental injustices within our society. You will also develop essential campaigning skills, and meet with and learn from activists and campaigners. The programme will culminate you developing and launching your group campaign to tackle gender injustice. 


Full Time Fierce empowers young working-class women and non-binary people to unapologetically smash the patriarchy.  

Full Time Fierce is funded by Comic Relief. 

Our Full Time Fierce programme encourages young working-class women and people of marginalised genders to create campaigns which challenge the patriarchy and build gender justice. Listen to what they're campaigning on ...


Current Campaigns

Here are some examples of the campaigns run by our Full Time Fierce crew.


A campaign combating hateful political attitudes towards LGBTQ+ youth by opening up safe spaces in Manchester, and through the creation of art.

Abuse in Sport 

This campaign addresses the horrifying rates of abuse against young people in sports, particularly in gymnastics. We will be fighting for awareness of the issue, and clear safeguarding systems to support young people.

Let Periods Flow 

‘Period’ is not a dirty word. This campaign seeks to work hand in hand with schools to educate young people about periods and end the stigma.

NoBody Better 

We aren’t interested in narrow, patriarchal definitions of beauty! NoBody Better is a campaign to celebrate women’s beauty in all of its shapes and sizes.

Working Class Women in Politics

Why are only 1% of Conservative MPs working class? We’re exploring why parliament is so exclusionary of women and young, working class people - and how we can change it.

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Want to join the 2024 cohort? 

Full Time Fierce is a gender justice campaigning programme for young, working-class people. 


Over the course of 10 months, you will make friends, build the skills, and develop knowledge to make real change in Manchester and beyond.

You need to be:

  • 16-18 years old

  • Based in or around Salford 

  • A young woman/girl (trans or cis) and/or a young non-binary person

  • From a working-class background*


Working-class means different things to different people but for us at RECLAIM being working-class is characterised by a few key factors:

  1. You're on, or grew up on, a low income with limited access to wealth.

  2. You don't have many family connections to people with well paid, professional or powerful jobs.

  3. You find it harder to 'fit in' in middle-class spaces, interests and conversations.

  4. You're proud of your background and want people to see it as a strength, not a weakness


Each month you will attend: 

  • One in-person campaign skills and socialising session

  • A group social event

  • An online session with an inspiring guest speaker

Deadline: 1st of March (2024)

Available places : 16 

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Want to be a mentor? 

We’re looking for working class feminist mentors to join us on our Full Time Fierce programme. 

Role Description:

Mentors are an integral part of Full Time Fierce. Join us in creating meaningful feminist change with young, working-class people. 


What you will be doing:

  • Supporting young working class feminist campaigners

  • Providing campaigning advice based on your knowledge and experience

  • Offering pastoral care under supervision of skilled youth workers


Skills, experience and qualities needed: 

  • Experience of campaigning, activism, lobbying or organising 

  • Patience, empathy and understanding

  • An understanding of the challenges and barriers that young, working-class people face 

  • An interest in gender justice and key feminist issues 

  • Alignment with feminist, trans-inclusive, anti-racist, working class, accessible political values

Time Commitments: 

  • Mentor training day on Saturday 24th February (approx 10am - 4.30pm, lunch provided) 

  • Approximately 1 hour (online or in person) once a month, for each of the 10 months of the programme (many mentors extend their relationship after the programme formally ends) 

  • Periodic check-ins with a member of RECLAIM staff 

  • Project celebration event (date TBC) at the end of the year


We are looking for mentor applications from women and/or trans people of any genders (including non-binary people), as this programme has a focus on gender justice.

Deadline: 1st of April (2024)

Available places : 16 

Sign up

topic of each session

Below is a schedule of the sessions held throughout the year, these will all be held in Salford. 


Who are we as a group? 

We’ll take part in some group bonding activities and start to explore the story of feminism. Time to get angry together!


What is our feminism? 

We’ll explore some key definitions and create our own feministo (feminist manifesto).


How do we make decisions as a group?

We’ll explore some different ways to make decisions as a group and try them out via games.


What will our core focus be? 

At this point we’ll start to clarify what our campaign will be about, using our chosen decision-making method to help us.


How will we achieve our aim? 

This will be a campaigning ‘bootcamp’ week, where you’ll get all the skills and knowledge you need to set up a successful campaign through workshops, games and discussions. 


How can we look after ourselves? 

We’ll dive into the challenges of being an activist, and explore ways we can support ourselves and one another. We’ll also use a few games to build our confidence in public speaking.


How have we developed as a group?

As well as playing around with storytelling to convey a campaigning message, we’ll look back on the beginning of the journey and reflect on what has changed since starting.


What are our next steps? 

Here we will celebrate everything we’ve achieved, as well as having a clear plan of action for what happens next.

By signing up to our mailing list, you can follow our young people's journeys.  

With a donation, you can support our young people going forward with their campaigns. 

Listen to our podcasts with influential activists who have changed history. 

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