Working Class Young People

Being seen, being heard, leading change. 


RECLAIM powers young working-class people to change the country today and lead it tomorrow. 


We are a bold and ambitious charity committed to creating a future where your class background is no barrier to what you can achieve. A challenging upbringing should be seen as a strength, not a weakness.


RECLAIM is at its most impactful when we support young people to create campaigns that win change for all working class people. We are a champion for campaigns that are created and led by young people and use innovative and radical approaches to get attention.



We would be so grateful for your time and effort if you would help to fundraise for us. We will help you along the way so please get in touch below if this is something you are interested in. 


What better way to bring your staff together and build morale than to get behind a cause that is close to everyone's hearts - helping working-class young people fulfil their potential regardless of where they are from.


Thank you for giving working-class young people the opportunity to be seen, heard, and lead change. You're a very important part of that which is why we'd love for you to opt-in so we can let you know about the conversation, campaigning, research, and fundraising work that we're doing. 


Your donations fund travel costs for young people who have often rarely left their postcode area. They ensure young people have access to a warm, safe building that they can feel comfortable in when they visit us. Your donations ensure consistency in our brilliant work, and without them, we couldn’t survive.

our Campaigns

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Responding to the on-going challenges and inequalities faced by the working-class community.

Young female leaders aiming to smash the hierarchy.

Putting an end politicians using violent and de-humanising language.