RECLAIM exists to end the leadership inequality that prevents working-class young people with talent, imagination, ambition and drive, from fulfilling their leadership potential. We support young people who refuse to be silent: who fight for their voices to be heard.


RECLAIM is at its most impactful when we support young people to create campaigns that win change for all working class people. We are a champion for campaigns that are created and led by young people and use innovative and radical approaches to get attention.


We are a small but bold charity and with your backing we are able to use our experience and platform to support and amplify the voices of more working class young people. 

Current Campaigns

RECLAIM's #LeighLads have joined forces
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Campaigning to redefine masculinity and reject dangerous stereotypes

Young female leaders aiming to smash the hierarchy.

Putting an end politicians using violent and de-humanising language. 


Tel: 0161 8060665
Email: info@reclaimproject.org.uk

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